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Promotes the right to a life free of gender-based violence and the exercise of women's sexual and reproductive rights as indispensable conditions for advancing towards gender equality.

The strategies are aimed at:

  • Providing technical assistance to develop and implement laws, policies and plans related to the right to a life free of violence. 
  • Strengthening actions for prevention and comprehensive attention to gender-based violence in development and humanitarian contexts, focusing on the needs of women.
  • Strengthening civil society organizations for the exercise of gender equality and the right to a life free of gender-based violence.


  • Mainstreaming the gender perspective and the rights of women with and without disabilities in legal norms and policies on health, justice, and comprehensive protection.
  • Strategy for prevention and comprehensive response to gender-based violence in development and emergency contexts: Care and case management, service maps and care routes and donation of dignity kits.
  • Academic course on Gender-Based Violence and Child Protection in emergency contexts for the staff of the Secretariat for Human Rights and the Network of Shelters.
  • Strengthening local gender-based violence networks in the Northern and Southern Borders.
  • Technical assistance for the elaboration of the National Survey on Family Relations and Gender Violence against Women (INEC, 2019).
  • Research conducted: Gender-based violence and disabilities; and Gender-based violence and Afro-descendant women.
  • Inclusive communication strategy for the right to a life free of gender-based violence in Kichwa and sign language.


Technical and financial assistance to the National Council for Gender Equality and the National Council for Disability Equality to generate standards and policies to prevent and respond to gender-based violence against women with disabilities and an inclusive communication strategy (We Decide, 2017 - 2020):

  • Research conducted: Pregnancy in adolescent women with disabilities, its link to gender-based violence and challenges in caregiving; incest and disability.
  • Citizen's guide on sexual and reproductive rights and life free of violence for persons with disabilities in addition to technical standards on comprehensive care for victims of gender-based violence.
  • Guide to strengthen the leadership and participation of women with disabilities.
  • ​​Regional course on leadership and empowerment of women with disabilities.